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The Importance of
Family Time

With families being busier now more than ever, it can be difficult to schedule family time. Not just time spent watching television together one evening or all spending time in the house at the same time doing different things, but good quality family time. Many families fail to schedule this important time into their week, while others assume that doing things as a family has very few uses other than being fun. However, spending time as a family is important and it benefits both adults and children in a number of ways.


The Benefits of Family Time


  • Family time strengthens the family bond: Families who take the time to spend time together usually have a much stronger emotional bond. Spending time together as a family helps the group to work well together and adapt to different situations life may bring.
  • Family time builds self-esteem in children: Spending time with the family can increase the amount of self-esteem a child has. This is because quality time spent with parents makes a child to feel valued, positive and confident.
  • Family time helps parents and children to bond: It can be difficult to stay connected to children, especially when they spend a lot of time at school, with friends and at extracurricular activities. Family time is a good way to set time aside to stay up to date with children and what they’ve got going on.
  • Family time creates good memories: Everybody wants to look back on their childhood fondly and family time is likely to stand out as something a child remembers with fondness.


Activities for Family Time


One of the main struggles of organising family time is finding an activity that everyone will enjoy, especially if the family has children of different ages. Here are some of the most common activities for family time that everyone is sure to enjoy:


  • Playing card games or board games as a family. Popular board games and card games like Matchify are interactive and can be played anywhere. Plus, they’re enjoyable regardless of age.
  • Organise a family day out to a popular attraction or museum. Though this is an option that may cost a little more, it’s something that will keep everyone entertained for the entire day.
  • Eating together as a family is recommended for a range of reasons; it encourages good eating habits, opens up communication and highlights the importance of spending time together. A simple dinner at home where everyone eats together at the table is just as good as going to a restaurant.


When it comes to family time the importance lies with the time and focus that’s put on each other, rather than the activity itself. Family time is much more than just having a good time together and it impacts individuals in different ways, something that is often overlooked.